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Al-Mohanad In Lines

Al-Mohanad means more than 25 years of experience and maturity in restaurant and hotels field. We know precisely, what customer needs?

Our Story

Al-Mohanad in the past

Since close to 30 years or more, Al-Mohanad were working in the used restaurants and central kitchens market, according to simple strategies that accommodate the market position at that time.

While that time, exactly in 1989, Haji Hassan ELAgouez was always determined to shape Al-Mohanad name and building its reputation among the competitors, by approaching tremendous experience and Good Manners.

Then in 1995 Al-Mohanad founder, Haji Hassan El Agouez encountered health conditions that entirely prevented him from work, therefore his eldest son, Engineer Mohamed Al Agouez; take Al-Mohanads administration duties on his shoulders. Meanwhile, he was 19 years old in his first year of Mechanical engineering studies.

AL-Mohanad recently

Al-Mohanad started to change its entire business strategies, from the old used to the new European. However, there was an obvious necessity to move away from direct competition, while the Entrepreneurship approach dominates its vision; which drove and inspired the search for alternatives to originate and leads a new scope of the competition.

Asian product was the perfect solution to the struggle in this fair competition. Still, Al-Mohanad visions were to provide high quality and low-cost equipment. So, Al-Mohanad takes a step into the Asian market. But, in terms of, discipline to modifications and improvements were made to the equipment. Engineer Mohamed Al-Agouez make his contribution to these improvements were through, his wide experience and the market demands determination along with his academic profession in mechanical engineering.

Then what?

Where did we start?

Al-Mohanad began to compete strongly in several fields. The start was in the central kitchen and restaurants equipment (The New Ones). Which led to, harness all teams efforts side by side to serve customers and fulfils their various needs. Then we built the Maintenance department, to maintain all types of food equipment, with no exceptions.

After that, was the establishing of the new section for, Asian equipment at competitive prices with no compromise in quality or efficiency

Taking this direction, we signed contracts with the chosen Chinese manufacturers, to produce the equipment based-on specific specifications and efficiency modifications, ensuring customer satisfaction at a reasonable price.

Our journey didn’t end up in here.

We decided to specialize in the food service equipment industry. Our choice was the Coffee and Ice cream, shops equipment. We combined everything belongs to the Coffee and Ice cream, from machinery and materials to project visibility studies of these projects, in addition to training services and providing the honest advisory for our customers.

We have achieved in this field what makes us the superiors.

We realised what the communications revolution in the world, achieved from significant improvements. There we made our decision to invade the communication devices field, which helps in customer baging and coordinating waiting lists.

And here we are, after 30 years in the market, we became official partners to several multinational companies in the Kingdome of Saudi Arabia.

Our Vision

Creating an entire world

of food service equipment, Specifically, Ice cream and coffee production appliances in high quality and affordable price.

Our message

Bringing the best equipment

with high-quality at a reasonable price and provides everything customer needs in one place. Giving honest advice Also provides real continuous support

We believe that good connection means better work

However, we always attempt to provide our customers with technical support with ease of communication on hour bases, through several channels and remarkably experienced team.

Our purpose is customer pleasure

Customer satisfaction became an essence with no doubt. But our mission now is to please the customer and bring happiness to his heart. Therefore, our concern is to bring the best available technologies to accomplish our mutual needs.

Al-Mohanad is an icon in the market

Al-Mohanad is an icon in the market, promoting new aspects of thinking in the equipment world,

Our products carry out unique ideas.

We are not the best, but we are unique

We are not the best, but we are unique among our competitors. We don’t want to monopolize the market.

But we strive for excellence.

Al-Mohanad is a Brand with a history

Al-Mohanad is not just a company, but it is a brand with an abundant history in this field and will make the future.

Why AL-Mohanad ?

  • Al-Mohanad indicates 30 years of extensive experience in restaurants and hotels field, knowing exactly customer needs.
  • We have a futuristic vision of development for more than 20 years.
  • We have values that rule our business. which in brief are honesty, trustworthy, loyalty and commitment, whatever were the costs of money and efforts.
  • We are not only promoting products, but we also spread happy thoughts that help to bring happiness to other people.
  • Excellence is our trademark; what you will find in our store, you will never find it in other stores.
  • Our promises are contracts that don’t need to be certified, all our customers’ witnesses on this.
  • All of our products subject to several testing procedures in terms of quality, durability, performance and environmental safety.

Our Philosophy


We believe in honesty, is our real capital.


Is a value you will perceive from the first contact with the lowest position up to the highest one.

Social responsibility

We believe success will never achieve until we become a moral entity within our society, caring for their worries and sharing their happiness.


We believe that what matters for the customer; is excellence and uniqueness, therefore we attempt to stand out from the others.

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