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Since 1989 we are working in the food service equipment industry


Al Mohanad is a Saudi company that brought various Asian products to the Saudi market, according to the European product standards and compliances to provide customers with what they wish for; a high-quality product at a competitive price


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    What do we do?

    We provide our customers with complete solutions, from engineering consulting and design services to supplying central kitchens, restaurants, coffee shops and specialized ice cream shops according to specific requirements. however, we remain on the track with them through our after-sales services.

    Main keys to our successful and remarkable rank in the market are flexibility, specialty in the coffee shops and ice-cream appliances and our experience in market demands. All these results in making Al-Mohanad is the perfect partner for the food industry business.


    Your journey with Al-Mohanad starts from here

    we provide our customers with a chain of services starting from the pre-sales stage, and we deliver this in forms of consultations and recommendations passing by internal machinery designs based on world-class scientific studies. then go through sale, delivery and installation process.

    Ends with a relationship will last for 2 years throughout our hour continually technical support and on-site or off-site technicians team to ensure keeping your equipment always safe.


    Consulting services

    When you make your decision to contact Al-Mohanad, that means you will get the presale services, through providing you with the proper engineering consulting and investment evaluation, in addition to the best advice about the types of equipment that fit your project from a price and performance aspects.

    We provide you with consulting services completely free. developed by our qualified engineers in different business categories and a wide variety of brands to ensure giving you the advice that fits your business and the allocated budget.

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    Design service

    We specially established an engineering design division to provide you with 3D drawings for your location earlier on the execution process in the real world, these drawings cover the precise placement, type and dimensions for each equipment.

    All our drawings comply with global quality standards. also, we can deliver this even though limited and narrow locations by utilising various sort of brands and providing you with the best practise that suits your business needs.

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    Sales services

    We have a team of well-trained salesmen will give you the advice and recommendations to choose from the best brands we have, make sure you will have a pleasant buying experience. they work in collaboration with the highly trained installation team to complete delivery and installation operations to ensure the safety of the equipment you bought.

    Our machines in most cases will require, engagement from the installation technician who is knowledgeable of the procedures to run the machine besides telling you all installation requirements before reaching your location, to avoid taking much time during the installation process.

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    After-sales service

    In most cases, relationships with our customers never end, we are always looking for developing and investing this relationship meanwhile, it seems a 2-year relationship represented by a warranty period according to our clear company policies, declared to our customers since he decided to visit us.

    Al-Mohanad well recognized by their excellent after-sales team which trained on repairing and fixing all the brands available in the market, also the geographical area we cover.

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    Why Al-Mohanad?

    30 years of experience

    Working in the food equipment field for 30 years. We know precisely market demands and how to develop them.

    Our prices are competitive

    We have a competitive price list, But No compromise on quality, we guarantee you will always get a valuable addition.

    Product testing

    All of our products subject to several testing procedures during the manufacturing and afterwards, testing subjects to quality, durability, performance, and environmental safety

    After-Sales service

    We have an engineering support team that works on hour bases providing, on-call support, on customer’s site support, as well as in our service centre locations.

    Idea spreaders

    We are not only equipment dealers, but we also spread ideas that help other people to be happy and bringing the world around to them.

    we are Exceptional

    We will not say we are the best, but we are exceptional and specialized in the ice cream and coffee shops equipment industry.


    We have a wide variety of pioneer trademarks in the industry. We are proud of our partnership and collaboration on success





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