Since 1989 we are working in the
food service equipment industry

Al Mohanad is a Saudi company that brought various Asian products to the Saudi market, according to the European product standards and compliances to provide customers with what they wish for; a high-quality product at a competitive price

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Consulting Service

When you decide to contact Al-Mohanad, it means that you will receive pre-sales services by providing suitable engineering consultations for your project and investment size. We also provide the best advice on the appropriate equipment quality and how to provide equipment that suits your activity in terms of performance and price.

We offer you completely free consultations by a number of specialized engineers in various commercial activities, as well as their specialization in different brands to ensure that you receive advice that suits your business activity and the budget allocated for it.

Consulting Service

Design Service

We have created a specialized engineering design department that includes a number of engineers to provide 3D drawings for your site before starting to implement it in real life, with accurate details of the location, type, specifications, and dimensions of each equipment.

All our designs are made according to international quality standards, and we can even do that in tight spaces by employing different brands. We also offer you advice on the best brands that meet your needs.

Design Service

Sales Service

We have a trained team of salespeople who provide you with advice and recommendations for choosing the best brands we have and work on providing a smooth sales process. Our trained installation team also participates in that to complete the delivery and installation process in a way that guarantees the safety of the sold equipment.

Our equipment mostly requires technical intervention for installation. The installation technician should be familiar with operating the equipment and inform you of all installation requirements before reaching your site, so that the installation process does not take up much time.

Sales Service

After-Sales Service

In most cases, our relationship with our customers does not end, as we always strive to develop and invest in this relationship. Although it appears to be a two-year warranty period based on clear policies we provide to our customers from the first day they decide to visit us.

Al-Mohanad is distinguished by a post-sales service team trained to maintain and repair all brands available in the market, as well as a noticeable expansion in the geographical area that we cover through this team

After-Sales Service


We direct our services to the food and beverage sector in all its various branches. We know that it is a large sector, but we are capable of meeting its needs.



We always pride ourselves on including many distinguished brands in the field of equipment, and we are keen to develop and grow them.


we would like to express our appreciation for the excellent collaboration with our esteemed partner, Al-mohanad . We extend our gratitude and admiration for their outstanding service over the years, which has remained consistent. In fact, we witness their continuous commitment to innovation and improvement in the quality of their products, prompt communication, efficiency, high professionalism, and their constant excellence in after-sales services. They are one of our key suppliers across all our activities and branches in the KSA

Turky Bin Hashpil
CEO- Shubra Al Taif Trading Co. Ltd

We provide powdered coffee and gelato ingredients. Previously, we used to work with other companies and purchase slush machines and gelato machines. However, after dealing with Al-Mohanad, we discovered a significant difference in terms of maintenance, solutions, quality, and customer service. Especially when a machine breaks down, they provide a replacement until your machine is repaired. This greatly facilitates our work and cooperation. To be honest, after experiencing their exceptional professionalism, our company has decided to transfer all our equipment-related business to Al-Massey. We extend our sincere gratitude to the Al-Mohanad team.

Rashid Mohamed
Purchasing Manager

Throughout our business relationship, Al-mohanad Company has consistently demonstrated professionalism, reliability, and an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. Their team is highly knowledgeable and skilled in the field of food service equipment, and they have always provided us with valuable insights and guidance in selecting the right products for our needs.

Ibrahim Mohamed

What sets Al-mohanad Company apart is their dedication to delivering top-quality products. The equipment we have purchased from them has consistently exceeded our expectations in terms of performance, durability, and functionality. Not only have they provided us with innovative and cutting-edge solutions, but they have also ensured prompt delivery and efficient installation.

Khalid Al-zahrani
Operation Manager - International Foods Company

Al-Mohanad Company's after-sales support has been exceptional. They have promptly addressed any concerns or technical issues we have encountered, providing swift resolutions and ensuring minimal disruption to our operations. Their commitment to customer care is truly commendable.

Zakir Arshad
Maintenance Manager - Hotels Company Limited


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